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The End.

This will be the last blog for ……………….I don’t know, ever most probably.  I don’t intend to worry about the rest of you or the country again.  When that Chi-coms come by to take possession, don’t forget to turn out the lights and close the door.

This my friends is the end.  It was a nice run.  It was a good experiment but every good thing must come to an end.  The United States of America died today November 6, 2012, 236 years from it’s inception.  During that time her people overcame great odds, invented amazing things and flew higher and faster than anyone ever believed, but that is all in the past.  There is NO future. We  have come to the end of this last hope of mankind.

All that is left now is the slavery and tyranny of the progressive busybodies and their secular humanistic hedonism.  The rest of you may be willing to go down cheerfully to hell with the rest of the mindless, slavering, gibbering idiots that follow the anti-christ and his court jester but not I.  I will live out what is left of my life staying as far away from anything to do with the government federal or state that I can.  They can try to make me buy their health insurance but since I’m out of work and not planning now to get a job they’ll have to kill me to make me see a doctor. Once our money runs out I’ll starve to death before I take one dollar of their blood money.  They can kiss my lily white butt.  They can haul me off to jail and try to feed me by force but I will never submit.

The government for the last 4 years has become the enemy of freedom, liberty and righteousness.   It can go straight to it’s just reward and take every traitor that participated in it’s demise with it.  I’m sure I’ll see them there. Revenge is bitter  however it will cool the flames at least for me.  I’ll be suffering but they will be suffering as well.  Sometimes thats all the satisfaction one can expect.

(Oh and should you government goons stop by, make sure you’ve warrants in hand. Warrant, you know Holder that’s the thing you have to have to enter someone’s house…………wait what am I saying.  That was when this was a country that believed in laws.  Sorry my bad)

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No matter what….

……happens in this election there is a health concern that is affecting a great deal of the country.  The focus of this nastiness is on the most vunerable among us.  It’s worse than smoking, worse that drugs, worse the sugary soft drinks and candy. What you might ask is this awful toxic substance that is being fed to our young people,  especially minorities. To be fair it’s not a substance as much as an attitude.  We are also supposed to be on guard for child abuse, endangerment, bullying.  We have to take over what kids eat, because their parents aren’t smart enough to feed them.  We have to teach them about sex because WE know they’re going to have at 9 years old no matter what they’ve been taught in the home.  We also are supposed to watch out for racism, sexism and any other ism except communism and socialism, those are peachy keen.

So if we’re so concerned about 36 oz drinks, french fries and names children call each other on the play ground like doody head, chicken legs and curly top why are not concerned about this. This man and other practitioners  of the same genre make money off the objectification of women, they expose children to vile and vulgar language and practices.  They elevate racism, bullying and sexism and hold them out as things to be emulated instead of thing to be avoided and dismissed.  They make money off the backs of those least able to protect themselves. Lest you think this is just a Jay Z  issue let’s list a few more of the worst offenders.

Kanye West: Perfect ?itch

”I only came for the ?itches and the drinks (Say What), ?itches and the drinks” Trey Songz T.I: ‘2 Reasons (I really not sure which is the artist name and which the album)

‘B-tch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym  Rick Ross

Ice Cube: ‘A ?itch Is A ?itch.’
I could go on but why bother.  This unfortunately is the just the tip of the iceberg and it doesn’t concern just Rap but they are the most egregious panderers of it.  According to a study done by Rand says;

Exposure to lots of sexually degrading music “gives them (children and teenagers) a specific message about sex,” said the lead author, Steven Martino, a researcher for Rand, in Pittsburgh. Boys learn they should be relentless in pursuit of women, and girls learn to view themselves as sex objects, he said. “We think that really lowers kids’ inhibitions and makes them less thoughtful” about sexual decisions and may influence them to make decisions they regret, he said.

The study, based on telephone interviews with 1,461 participants aged 12 to 17, appears in the August issue of Pediatrics, being released Monday.

It also points out that music alone is not the only influence but I dare say that parents that encourage or allow their children access to filthy and violent lyrics also allow them to see the same kind of images as well as model the same kind of behavior.

Now if your goal is to create sociopath you would be well on your way.  If you goal is to raise children with some chance of  having a decent life, experiencing some success and achieving their potential I would think you’d be running as far away as you could to protect your young ones from this kind of anti-human garbage.  Having the president of the United States stand on the stage and smile while someone disgraces themselves, their race and their gender seems to be an invitation to disaster.  Of course children are a convenient excuse to trot out “hope” and “change” but very little in the black community has changed and hope is in short supply.  The black middle class is disappearing along with the jobs that put them there.  If anyone is being sent back to the plantation,  the race baiters, the “free stuff” promisers and the filth and foul snake oil salesmen that are leading the children down to their own personal hells with silken cords.

It would be wonderful if we could all be Americans without hyphens but since we can’t I guess I’ll be an Anti-Rap crap American.  I know my  worth as a human being, a woman and an American.  Take your vile, nasty, disgusting mouth and spew your vomitus vitriol to someone who has no self-worth. You should be able to identify them easily.

Just ask them to tell you about their ?itches.

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of the policies of this president contrary to this.

ObamaCare which will force employers, Christians ones specifically to buy health care coverage for their employees that contain regulations that are against religious belief.  Contraception, abortion and procedures are not within the doctrine of many Evangelical religions.

“Clinging to their god and guns”  Why would any religious person want to vote for someone who dismisses God as cavalierly as that.

The Obama’s do not practice Christmas traditions: While this is their PERSONAL choice,  he went so far as to talk about not displaying a manger scene at the non religious Christmas they’d planned. In the end public opinion won and the manger was displayed but even agnostics and atheists acknowledge the reason for the season is the belief in the birth of Jesus Christ.

Several months after becoming president he had Georgetown officials cover  any religious symbols that might make it into a picture of  “the great one”.

Obama quotes Jefferson: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed with certain inalienable rights . . .” at  the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 33rd Annual Awards in 2009. Jefferson did not say this, he said….”that they are endowed by their Creator”……..that’s quite the liberty.

He is also the poster person for the Democratic party which took God out of their platform and voted three times against having Him reinstated.

Obama was the first president in history to welcome atheists to the White House.  The group Secular Coalition for America,  is an umbrella organization for some of the most virulent anti-christian groups in the nation.

He also supported the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. Apparently not all religions are seen as enemies of the United States.  Apparently our friends are the ones shouting “Death to America”?

There is no “war” on Christians, there is a jihad however. It may have come from the Middle East but it is being fought in the halls of Congress and championed by the president of this country.  If he’s a Christian his not a very good one, if he’s a muslim he’s doing a bang up job trying to destroy our centuries old tradition of religious freedom.

These are just a few of the facts, there are more.  Don’t just take this at face value.  Research it for yourself.

I double dog dare you.



Some more  interesting facts.

2009 executive order to allow taxpayer money to fund non governmental organizations that do abortions outside the country.

2009 says he intends to eliminate the conscience protections for medical workers in federally funded hospitals.

2009 defunds all abstinence only programs.

2011 Walter Reed Hospital declared that no religious items where to be given away on the property.  The public out cry was so bad they immediately rescinded it. (but no such response from the president)

The more one digs, they dirtier “the emperor” gets.  What a surprise.

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Well I guess as a country we’ve arrived.  Arrived where you may ask?  Why at the place President Obama and his coven have been leading us.  With silken leads and honeyed words and rainbow crapping  unicorns we have now become a third world country.

International observers have been tasked with insuring our elections are above board.   Apparently since 2002 we need other people to make sure our election processes are fair.  If I were election officials in a state in this union I would give the observers a free ticket back to where they came from, and it would be for one hour from the time I gave it to them.  This is extremely offensive to me as an American and as a citizen of the state of Kansas.

I would like to publicly thank the states of Iowa and Texas for standing up to this example of global nannyism.  What does the UN know about free elections?  Most of the countries and the UN itself is known far and wide for it’s corruption, graft and criminality.  It’s one of the main reason the UN fits so wonderfully well into New York City.  They all understand each other there.  As for the rest of the country;

“My office met with two delegation representatives last week to discuss Iowa’s election process, and it was explained to them that they are not permitted at the polls,” Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz said in a statement. “Iowa law is very specific about who is permitted at polling places, and there is no exception for members of this group.”

Apparently the observers have had similar problems in the past. In 2008 they were turned away from polling stations in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Texas and also had difficulties in counties in Colorado, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Virgina, the report said.
“It’s a pretty simple answer: The U.S., as a participating state and founding member of the OSCE, has made certain commitments to allow international observers,” he said. “That said, our observers aren’t there to interfere.”- Politico

Welcome my friends to Agenda 21.  I know, I know they promised it would never actually come to our shores but they lied.  Mind the black helicopters now.

What a horrendous, hysterical and horrific surprise.

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What is it about the Obama’s and their ilk that makes people dislike them so?  Even when they are on the correct side of the issue they manage to anger the majority of the people involved.  Is it their arrogance, their offensive attitudes, their know it all demeanor or is it simply the fact that people don’t want to be told what to do all the time.  They have mothers and fathers, most of them are mothers and fathers and they don’t take kindly to people  sticking their noses into everyones business.

How much candy someone’s kid eats is none of their business.  What their child eats for lunch or doesn’t eat for  lunch again, no one’s business except for the family. If the child is not being fed that is one thing.  If the child refuses to eat the lunch prepared for them, is quite another.  I have had several children who did not like eating at school.  They didn’t like cold lunches, they didn’t like school lunches.  As a matter of fact truth be told going to high school made several of them sick.  They hated the drama, the stress, the chaos and the noise.  They hated not being able to find a seat at lunch and having to sit on the floor.  They hated being around people who had the morals of alley cats (kids and adults) but more than that they hated being a part of the “them” in  the ” us against them” meme.

So before another lib sucks the life and fun out of yet another holiday, may I suggest that Mrs. Obama worry about her own children, and her own keister. If they want to put limits on how much someone can weight to get welfare that’s for the Congress.  Maybe the Obama’s could worry about the fact that all they have to do to create contention is to appear to favor a cause and the contention starts. Too bad the great uniter couldn’t have found some way to unify the country other than to come together against him, his wife and his puppet masters.

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